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Excuse Me! Our Planet is Dying

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Posted By Paula Nourse

We must implement bold solutions.

“What more can numbers show us that we cannot already see? What more can statistics say about the flooding, the wildfires, the droughts, hurricanes, and other catastrophic deadly events?”  

Patricia Espinosa, United Nations Climate Change Executive Secretary, spoke about the state of the planet in Rome recently. She addressed the Environment and Energy Ministers of G20 nations.

Ms. Espinosa went further, “… what the world requires now, more than anything else, is climate action. People throughout the world demand it. We see requests for climate action–in traditional and social media, in schools, in communities, and demonstrations,” she said. “What they want is bold and courageous leadership that gets us off our current path of destruction and puts us on the climate-resilient path that the Paris Agreement promised.”  

People all over the world are watching. They take the lack of climate progress seriously. The G-20 will meet again this year in October. So, let’s remain hopeful and make our voices heard.

Patricia Espinosa knows, “There is no path to 1.5°C without the G20” | UNFCCC

The United States made small gains, but those gains are not good enough:

  • Fossil fuels account for 80% of US energy consumption.  
  • The share of energy consumption from nuclear and renewable sources has doubled since 1980 to 21% in 2020. Coal provides a decreasing percentage of US energy. 
  • Natural gas, which provides half as much carbon dioxide per unit of energy as coal, is a growing fossil fuel energy source. 
  • Other G-70 countries have increased emissions or have similar negligible gains.
A sense of urgency is not misplaced. There is no planet B.

MIT study completed in 1972 forecasts the collapse of civilization in 2040.

Gaya Herrington, a Dutch sustainability researcher and adviser to the Club of Rome, a Swiss think tank, made headlines.   She authored a report that appeared to show a once-controversial study released in the 1970s, that predicted the destruction of civilization would occur in our children’s lifetimes.

Source: Gaya Herrington KMPG MIT’s 1972 study on the destruction of human society may become a reality, says a new research | World News – Hindustan Times

Yep, it’s bleak,” says the expert who tested 1970s end-of-the-world prediction.” | Climate change |Source: The Guardian

To be clear, Harrington predicted that the collapse could come around 2040 if current trends continue. 

If the collapse occurs in 2040, what is happening on earth now is ushering in the 2040 collapse. The massive wildfires, continuing drought, super high temperatures, melting glaciers, food shortages, the increased costs of food due to scarcity, and a growing lack of clean water? Signs of the times?

We Are Looking for Bold Solutions and Courageous Selfless Action Now

Meet Dr. Tau. He has a bold solution to use mirrors to reflect heat away from earth.

Ye Tao, Ph.D., and Rowland Fellow at Harvard University

Watch the video of Dr. Tao explaining his MEER ReflEction Project to Ecologist Guy McPherson

What can you do?

Encourage Dr. Tao and his lab team by sharing his video link or this blog post.

Dr. Tao typically focuses on Nanotechnology, but he had an idea to stem global warming and climate change. His idea is to use mirrors to balance the earth’s temperature. His Mirror Reflection project (MEER) Radiative Cooling has merit.

Support Restoring the Clean Water Act to its original intent, ensuring it is implemented and enforced as Congress intended.

  • Pushing federal agencies to clarify that the Act protects most waterways;
  • Urging President Biden to restore state authority to block or condition federal permits based on water quality concerns; and
  • Updating the statute to better address runoff from factories and farms. 

Support Earth Friendly Organizations and Companies

Visit, donate if you can.

Volunteer at your local Earth Day events

The Wrap – Read the book or watch the movie.

Be conscience of your personal carbon footprint and minimize it.

Support organizations that implement carbon farming.

Many thanks to my friend David Rennke for sharing Dr. Tao’s ideas with me. 

You needn’t believe in climate warming, global warming or climate change to jump in and support the planet. All earth loving thoughts, minds, and/or blessings are welcome.

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