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Dear Donald Trump: This is a Letter About Love

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Posted By Paula Nourse

For decades, I watched you stoke the fires of everything wrong with the world and throw dirt on what was right.

You have been on a life-long journey of treachery from publicly promoting premature death sentences for five innocent boys known as the Central Park Five in 1985 to the racist birthplace challenge against a sitting president in 2008, to your character-flawed 2016 campaign, your despicable and narcissistic four years in the White House, your impeachment and failure to protect and serve our country during a pandemic, and finally your inspired insurrection.

You do not possess the temperament or skill set to be president of the United States. You did not unite you divided. 

You encouraged your followers to act on hatred. They dehumanized people by putting them in cages. You took children away from their parents and threw them away. You encouraged racists and right-wing extremists to attack people of color, people of differing religions, and opposing politics.  

The Creator judges all his children, only as His children. I would emulate that path.  

And one more thing, your followers make conscious choices to give you power over them. Indiscriminate powerless people are the foot soldiers of genocidal leaders.

Your detractors have a choice, as well. I will not let you drag me down to hating you or your minions. I can love my brothers and sisters without agreeing with their actions, and that includes you.

As you leave the White House, I hope you and your followers can pursue a kinder and gentler path.  

Post Script: One day after finalizing this letter, I watched you motivate your followers to storm the capitol building. Still, I stand by my words.

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