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Meet Dax. He Sees Light in the Darkness.

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Posted By Paula Nourse

My grandson Dax, in our subdivision. He told me “he had to come work to help his neighbors with their broken houses.” He…

Posted by Susan Stout Dyer on Friday, March 6, 2020

We have a lot going on right now, globally. There’s no need to enumerate all that appears to threaten us. We each have a list.  How do we find the light in so much darkness? Meet Dax. He will show you what he does to share the light.  

“There is a light in you the world cannot perceive. And with its eyes, you will not see this light. You are blinded by the world. Yet you have eyes to see it. It is there for you to look upon. It was not placed in you to be kept hidden from your sight. This light is a reflection of the thought we practice now. To feel the Love of God within you is to see the world anew, shining in innocence, alive with hope, and blessed with perfect charity and love.” A Course in Miracles

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3 thoughts on “Meet Dax. He Sees Light in the Darkness.
  1. David Rennke

    I love it! Such a great message!

    • Paula Nourse

      Thank you. I’ve been in a fog with bloggers block for several weeks. I’m slowly getting back to it.

    • Paula Nourse

      Thank you, David.

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