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His Words Were Heard Around the World

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Posted By Paula Nourse

George Floyd’s last words, “I can’t breathe,” reverberated around the world and touched many. The video of his final 8 minutes and 46 seconds of life moves most to tears. We watched his life slip away. There have been many videos showing blatant and often unprovoked police and vigilante brutality over the last few decades, but maybe we have reached a pivot point to real change. 

Multiracial and multi-generational groups are standing together, marching, and taking a knee. People who are not close to police brutality are openly supporting changes in law-enforcement policies and, hopefully, institutional, and systemic racism.

COVID continues to eviscerate populations across the globe, taking lives, livelihoods and incomes, well-being, stability, and social freedoms due to quarantine and distancing.  Regardless, hundreds of thousands of human beings showed up to march.  They did so at risk to themselves, leaving them vulnerable to COVID, infiltrators, and the police. 

There are dark forces in the highest levels of government in many countries, including the United States. Despite its many flaws and struggles, the U.S. was able in the past to demonstrate enough humanity and support of liberty and justice to make it a country to emulate. 

Lady Liberty is surely weeping. I want her strong and proud again.

Is the potential demise of America’s grand experiment the tipping point? Maybe. However, I would like to believe there is a new spirit of understanding as well. The Creator has one son, and He is us, all of us! 

Identifying the tipping point to a miracle may be useless. It is either deeply complicated or embarrassingly simple. I am hopeful for change. The best path now is to nurture the growing understanding, that what affects one, affects all.

Mr. Floyd’s words are a resounding prayer that united us and inspired a movement in the hearts of all who suffer injustice and all who care that people are suffering.  

Welcome brothers and sisters throughout the U.S., in Australia, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, Portugal, Egypt, Rwanda, Japan, Dominium Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, and Venezuela. Injustice, much like COVID, is global. 

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